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Dea's collection includes over 150 recipe's. Main dishes, sides, soups, salads, appetizers, and sauces. No specialized ingredients or kitchen equipment required. 


Downloadable e-book collection of Dea's Favorite Dinner Recipes.  Please note the price is USD (CAN subject to daily exchange rates)


With this third recipe e-book I am sharing 150 of my favorite dinner selections that can be used in any low-carb lifestyle, whether you are losing or maintaining. 


E-book purchases are non-refundable.


**PLEASE NOTE: Putting together this recipe book has been a "labor of love" for Dea. It is her intellectual property and copyrighted. If you would like all of these recipes in an ebook format, please purchase, download and print. Please do not make printed copies to share with others. We've had questions from clinics as to whether they can buy one copy and then make copies to distribute. Please ask dieters to purchase their own copy. These funds help Dea to keep creating new recipes and have the time to write more cookbooks. Thank you for respecting her work.

Dea's Low Carb Recipes Book

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